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Both the Brotherson and Cox families settled Boneta, Utah around 1910, under less than desirable circumstances. Challenges existed because of heavy droughts, extreme weather conditions, complete isolation from other main settlements, and a host of other hurdles. Nevertheless, they decided to attempt to settle, begin their farms, and make the best of it. 


Children of the Brotherson and Cox families, William Napier Brotherson Jr. and Karen Beth Cox, began courting in 1931. They fell in love and were married four years later in October of 1935. They settled down on the original Brotherson homestead, a two-room frame home that had no running water, no electricity, and no indoor plumbing. Together they raised four sons, and two daughters on the family ranch in Boneta. They instilled in their children, and in future generations a culture of hard work, love, laughter, commitment, and a great respect for the their neighbors, their land, and their animals.

Clear Mountain Meat Co. is proud of their great grandparents, and the rich heritage that began over 100 years ago, by people who weren't afraid of the unknown. They had perseverance for the presence, faith in the future, and an unyielding determination to make their dreams become reality! Their legacy lives on at the Cattle Ranch! 

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